Dhanadhan Washing Powder

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  • Dhanadhan Washing Powder
  • After thorough research in the field of Detergents, Dhanadhan Washing Powder has been developed to reduce the soaking time of clothes. It provides a long-lasting fragrance to your laundry and helps remove dirt & stains more easily.
  • (1 Kg)
price : ₹60

Extra Whiteness

Formulated with a new super bright formulation that provides effective cleaning powder to remove stubborn stains and dirt, even of collars and cuffs.
Penetrates deep into the fibers to remove microscopic & organic stains (blood, mucus etc.) embedded into fabric leaving your clothes hygienically clean.
Contains Optical Brightener to protect and brighten clothes, making them look cleaner.
Its long-lasting, refreshing fragrance keeps clothes smelling clean and fresh always, even when drying indoors.
For better results pre-soak for 30 mins.

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