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Washing white clothes

White clothes come in lots of different types, like regular clothes and delicate ones, or even things like sheets and towels. But they all share one important thing: they should look really bright and clean. Luckily, Dhanadhan is famous for making clothes super white, and we want to show you how. Keep reading to learn […]
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Washing white towels, sheets and socks

Here’s how you can wash white towels, sheets and socks : Step 1 : Sort First, gather your white towels, sheets, and socks that can handle hot water. Be sure to check the labels if you’re not sure. Step 2: Soak For the best laundry results, let your clothes sit in a mix of warm […]
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Washing Coloured Clothes

Bright and colorful clothes are cool, but they can lose their color quickly. If you wash and take care of them the right way, you can keep them looking good for a long time. Keep reading to learn how Tide can help you wash your colorful clothes without making the colors fade. Step 1: Sort […]
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