Dhanadhan Scalegone Powder

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  • Dhanadhan Scalegone
  • Scalegone saves energy, is eco-friendly and improves Machine Performance.
  • (100g)
price : ₹99

1.Removes Lime Scale:

Environment – Friendly Descaler-Cum-Muck Cleaner! Use for cleaning household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, steam irons and coffee maker. For best results refer to the appliance manufacturer’s instruction.

2.Washing Machine:

For your front load Machine empty the full packet in Main wash chamber in DD tray and in case of top load machine empty the full packet in the wash tub after taking in around 60 ° C hot water before the start of Wash Cycle. Run the Machine till end. Switch off the machine, clean and refit the flush Filter for normal washing of the clothes on the same day. Machine can be used after 30 Mins.

3.Benefits of regular usage of Saclegone Powder:

Reduces hard water scales. Heating efficiency of heater improves and the scaling of it gets reduced. Reduction in power usage, heating time and increased savings. It helps increasing the service life of the appliances.

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