Washing Coloured Clothes

Bright and colorful clothes are cool, but they can lose their color quickly. If you wash and take care of them the right way, you can keep them looking good for a long time. Keep reading to learn how Tide can help you wash your colorful clothes without making the colors fade.

Step 1:

Sort Start by separating your clothes based on their colors. This way, you reduce the risk of colors mixing and staining each other. Wash dark colors together and put white or lighter colors in a different load. Remember, new items might release some color, so wash them on their own the first time.

Step 2:

Examine Look over your clothes to spot any stubborn stains that might need extra attention before washing. Additionally, check the care label on the fabric for specific directions. It will tell you if the item can be machine-washed, hand-washed, or if it should be taken to a dry cleaner.

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